all about alisa

Lucky Design 7 is mostly me, Alisa Carswell.

I enjoy all sorts of stuff. I take my work seriously, but not too seriously. I tend to be super responsible while being a total goof ball who is fun to be around.

I am into everything from the slow food movement to wondering when lindsay is going back to the slammer.

My current inspiration is in the form dance parties, epic road trips, taking long breaks, gluten free tater tots, and my great nephew Rowan Franck.

We bought a house in west asheville four years ago, and could not be more happy to be living it up on the west side! I have a wonderful, amazing, happy life.



Why Lucky Design 7 you say? easy. 7 is my lucky number, it's the most magical number in history, & it looks cool.  I always felt very fortunate that I have a job I love, and it's still fun after 20 years. Lucky Design 7 was created in 2003 by me and I have been the brains behind the work.

Lucky Design 7 has had all sorts of clients, big ones, small ones, local ones, and far away ones.

Around here great branding has to start with a great logo. Then everything else fits right into place.

I have amazing programming sources, print sources, paper sources. I require my vendors to be responsible business owners & nice people, because nice people should win, don't you think?

Big projects, little projects, I love doing something different everyday.

My goal at the end of the day is to have SUPER HAPPY CLIENTS. This leads to a lot of successful projects and is a lot of fun too!


The first photo is of me and, my partner, Meg. She is the most awesome partner around, really. We have been together 15 years. Best 15 years of my life. Lucky me.

She has the best taste in the world (sorry world, it's true) and is an amazing photographer and artist in her own right.

We love epic road trips, watching lady tiger basketball games, and eating fancy salted caramels. 

Photo number two is Antonio & me. I mentored Antonio back in Asheville, NC for almost five years. He moved to Denver with us, but wanted to go back home. He is 23 these days and all grown up. I miss him dearly.

Last but certainly not least, especially according to him, is my 20 year old cat. He picked me one day 20 plus years ago and I couldn't be happier about it. This sweet boy moved on to his next adventure June 22nd, 2017. We miss him on the daily around here.